The energy inside of us

Whilst living and especially traveling I was confronted with many ways of spirits. Spirits in form of feelings, emotions and energy. The feeling you get when you witness a sunrise, your body is heating up, the sunrays are going through your body and it feels like something is rising inside of you – something got on fire. The feeling of fear, it is paralysing your body and your mind. Your body is getting numb and you are not able to think and breath – all is going slow and it seems like time will never end – you have no energy. Love. It is so clear to feel but so hard to describe. Love is an emotion with endless power. Of course there are so many more emotions, which are worthy to describe, but what is the source of it. The energy inside and around of us. You can find energy everywhere. Mass is energy and we are mass. Often it is called “Chakra”. I have no clue how it all works together – I am just a person as you are. But I was always curious about how to control the energy inside of us. Not in a way of “god-like”, just to be more aware of it. I believe, that we are able to control and heal our bad feelings and convert them into something good, because it shows there is something unequal in our body – our energy system is messed up. So: Where are the bad feelings coming from? And what can I learn out of it?


Along my travels I have seen a lot of approaches to “control” your energy – to learn to live with it. For example: meditation, religion, reiki, martial arts, yoga and so much more. All those approaches are giving you a new point of view and “life-energy”. This energy, which you already have, gives you the courage and the strength to enter a new world.

This weekend I did something new. I did a reiki course – first grade. I was skeptical, but I knew there is something I can´t explain – So why don´t try?

“Reiki leads you to situations and people, who/which are helping you to experience yourself. Look for people from whom you can learn and who are giving you power and clearness.”

I learned a lot and I really liked the teacher. It gave me a new point of view. Its just one way out of thousands to be more sensitive about your inner energy. Great stuff and I am really looking forward to share my experience and give some reiki treatments myself.

Treat yourself with respect, give yourself time to heal and be grateful for the tasks we are confronted everyday.


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