Relationships – a dynamic equilibrium!

Lately I was thinking about relationships and how big their impact on our life is. I observed people around me. People, who are stuck in a situation and you think he/she will never change – doesn’t matter why. You have seen them try and fail, again and again. You saw them losing their hopes and dreams. You saw them suffer and destroying their life. You see it. You were standing right next to it and not able to do anything. You can feel it and it kills something inside you. Those people are closed – unreachable – you think. You getting tired for heads up – the environment get stuck as well. Now this person has a stamp – self created and handed out to everyone around. First reject and in the end powerless accepted.

Boom! Suddenly everything is changing.

There is this other person, someone with endless faith and power. A counterpart to rescue and to give hope where none was anymore. Someone who is seeing the beautiful soul behind the stamp. The speed of the development is immense – unstoppable and powerful. The person smiles again – truly. You can see and feel the happiness. So, all this happened because of someone else. It is truly fascinating. That showed me how important, transformative and incalculable relationships are. Life can change in a second – just one moment of opening up! It is crazy how much energy a person is able to absorb and give. We really forgot how big our impact on each other is. There is always a person who is stuck – maybe it is even you. We shouldn’t lose hope in each other. The only thing we can hope is, that the suffering person finds his/her counterpart. I guess you have been the counterpart more often as you think. Life is a dynamic equilibrium, at some point you need help and at the other you are helping.

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