What an amazing little project. A hike through the beautiful national parks and coasts of Sicily. I want it to be spontaneous and free. I had no fixed route and aim. Just heading of with a basic map, backpack, tent and sleeping bag. I love this kind of adventures. It is just freeing to not know, it gives your mind the space to be creative again.


Up in the Etna National Park I could still see the lava flow moving down the mountain

Little story:

„Today was crazy! First of all I got lost like a thousand times in the national park dei Nebrodi!!! Secondly, I got attacked by wild pigs as well as wild dogs! For the pigs I had to run and jump over a fence and for the dogs I run away and tried to climb a tree – I failed. I dropped down and hit my leg super hard. So I had to fight those dogs with my hiking sticks…. It was nasty but I got out of it. „

„Face your fears and use them to grow“