Learning the deadly martial art: Muay Thai!

I did spend almost 6 hours a day only for my training. The training was really intense – especially with the Indonesian climate. We trained with long trousers and hoodies by a temperature over 30 degrees and the burning sun in our necks. LOVED IT! And the training was so basic – the location was a running track and the equipment was o
nly our pads and gloves! All about running, squats (with each other on the back – upstairs downstairs), push-ups, sit ups, blanks, shadowboxing and sparring! Our coach, Aris, was pushing us through it! So amazing to have such a good coach – you push yourself to limits you thought you are not capable of! Besides the training we had to watch our weight as well! In the beginning of my training I was about 73kg. But they said is way too much – you have to be below 70kg! I was like: WTF! But I kept my AND I/WE MADE IT. Finally, the day was come and I weight 68kg. But I felt pretty weak! My body was screaming for food and sleep! After the weighing I ate… I ate too much! Haha… and of course I got sick! I had to vomit the whole night! I felt so miserable – I couldn’t eat anything in the morning and I was totally dehydrated! Good conditions for my fight, ha? But my fight was in the evening! (YES) So I did one power nap after another. After 8 hours of waiting, napping and cheering it was finally my call! I was pretty nervous but mostly tiered! The first round was pretty tough and I was so fucked already – how can I survive the next 2 rounds? BUT I WON! I couldn’t believe it as he lifted my hand up! So amazing, so happy that I did it! Without any experience in martial arts before – just 2 month of training. Amazing what your body is capable of if you push yourself hard! Maybe risky! But if you don’t risk anything you won’t do anything and you will never be someone! Again – a huge thanks to Kickboxing Indonesia for all the support and the gear they gave us (T-shirts, shorts, jackets). It really feels like family for me, we all grow together with this intense training. It feels like I made new friends, not in a superficial way, in a real way! Thanks a lot! Also a huge thanks to all the coaches especially Suhu, Aris and Indra! You were very patient with me and I appreciate it a lot!