Climbing through EUROPE

This summer my girlfriend and I decided to explore the climbing and bouldering world in Europe. It has been a blast. We started in France at Fontainebleau, probably the most famous boulder spot in Europe. The open blocks, which a spread out over a huge area, are beautiful and fantastic to spot. The range of amazing boulder-problems is crazy. Even though a 5a feels like a 6a in a hall.

We continued our trip down south – direction Pyrenees. On our way we passed by Lodevè (Le Prieurè), which offers a lots of climbing as well as bouldering. It has a breathtaking scenery!

Our next stop were the Pyrenees, Targasonne – La Chaos. This area is meant to be for all sorts of outdoor-activities. The boulder area is huge and keeps you busy and excited for ages.

As our fingers didnt stop bleeding we decided to head on. Rest days are needed, at least I heard so. We continued our climbing in Innsbruck, Ötztal, Zillertal and Italy (Arco, Garda lake). Austria and Italy are full of beautiful climbing parks. So, I dont know what to quote, just go there!

In between we visited a Deep-water-soloing wall in Germany – Kochelsee. First, you need to rent a boat and cross the whole lake. In the end there is a 20m high wall, which is perfect for DWS. It was worth a visit. I just love it when the adranaline kicks in. Still, renting the boat is quite expensive (10 Euro an hour), which is not a problem either you are rich or in a bigger group. (;

The following destination was Frankenjura. In general: Amazing fingerpockets in limestone. This place offers endless climbing as well as challenging boulders. I or WE just loved it there.

I had an amazing time. Still, there are still sooooo many (much?) more beautiful climbs out there, which are need to be climbed.