Batak tribe

I always wanted to experience a real tribe. People, who live self sustaining. The Batak tribe! It was super random how I managed it to get there! I just got into a bus and they dropped me of at a place, they thought, I can visit this tribe – some sort of visitor centre! But it was closed, so I walked around and asked the local people how I can get there. At some point I stepped into a local store and asked them about the tribe and suddenly a guy was standing next to me and said “I´m your guide”! They told me to bring them some gifts, so I asked him what to bring and he said “ coffee, sugar and Tabaco”. I was expecting a community, which hasn’t seen the society, running around naked and hunt with bow and arrow!

So we headed of for our little adventure. It took us 2 hours to get there – small hike up the mountain, which was beautiful. It is a super small community, which provides the food and the living by their slef. They have their own language, culture and way of living. They are sort of civilised, but on the other hand not! So, really cool to see! They live in their self build houses; grow their own food, holding animals and so on! With the help of my guide I was able to ask some questions and, of course, I was super curious about how they hunt! Mostly they are fishing, but the most exciting part was how they hunt wild pigs! They build some sort of bombs to blow the head of the pig! So when they bit on it, the bomb explodes! HAHA FUCKING HELL! Also, they showed me one of those pig bombs – but for that we had to hike another 40 minutes through the jungle! LOVED IT! After that, they took me to some rivers around their camp and showed me how they fish! Basic, simplistic and it works! I have seen how they made backpacks and much more! The best thing was they invited me for crab fishing! So cool, after sunset we drove to the sea with our Speers and hunted big crabs for our dinner! Just walking around in the shallow sea and waiting for the crabs to come out! So exciting – So alive! I MANAGED TO CATCH TWO CRABS! As we came back we prepared our dinner – crab with rice! FANTASTIC – REAL!