Passion. Passion in life. Passion in what we do and what we are.

That sounds like a goal! It is so easy to say: GO FIND YOUR PASSION. BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURS….! All social media is full of it. Full of people who apparently found their passion in life. So, they say. Most pictures are labelled with brutal six-pack or fancy cars. It is mostly found in a materialistic and profiling context. Which pushes us, so I believe, only further away what “passion” actually is. It is love. It expresses our love in ourselves and in that what we are doing.

But still, where does our passion hide?

I just read a very inspiring article. It says that our passion evolves out of suffering. Out of suffering we learn to appreciate – we learn to be grateful – we learn to forgive – and we start to love. We are students of our own life and about to understand our past to evolve our suffering in love. We are all here to inspire and teach each other. So, our passion is to teach our unique lessons – those lessons we have learned to turn suffering into love.

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  1. Lyndee 23. Januar 2017 in 6:10

    This has made my day. I wish all pogtniss were this good.

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