Have fun!

I mean, of course, you can always go straightforward. But, how boring is it to drive on a straight road for ages? Right? You just fall asleep at some point. Then you wake up and guess what you gonna see? HAA a straight road! Fucking hell that’s not what we want, right? We want sharp turns, bumpy roads, off tracks, serpentines, exhausting up hills, exhilarating downhills. We want to be present and aware about what is happening. Maybe, we risk a flat tyre or getting stuck in a mud hole – and probably we gonna hate ourselves for a moment. But we are creating a story – OUR story. In my opinion, we should take way more risks and decide more out of our guts. The best stories we have to tell are those stories as we screwed up- as we did something stupid. It is necessary to have an aim and its good to be ambitious about it – to work hard for it. Nevertheless you shouldn’t forget that your real improvements got generated from YOUR mistakes – moments you might acted stupid. Just trust you inner voice, you own awesome opinion – you are strong enough to do it. You can ask many people for advices and tips. BUT the only thing you get is their limited horizon. Maybe your inner voice takes you to some off tracks, but if you trust them you gonna end up where you supposed to be – with a big smile on your face.

And in the end you can scream: “WUHU WHAT A RIDE”!


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  1. Paulina 23. Januar 2017 in 6:02

    wow! That looks great! Worth the pain I think! I got one on my back which wa&sn#39;t too bad, but the one on top of my foot hurt like hell!!

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