From hero to zero!

From a wild storm to a dead silence. From no time to no obligations. You are sprinting and someone is cutting off your legs. What happens next? You smack down on the floor, right there. Such a change hurts and when it happens you have no idea how to handle it. You just fall, without time to catch yourself. You lie on the floor, slowly looking around and gasping for air. Your heart is racing, but your body doesn’t want to move. Like you are paralyzed. As you are looking around you notice you have no clue, how long and how far you were running. Staring up in the sky. Your breaths are getting deeper and slower. You close your eyes, take a deep breath and get up. For the first time, since an unknown period, you look back. You look around and observe your current position.

And whilst your thoughts are on a roller coaster, you realize your body is hurting. The legs are tired and sore. You are following your latest direction and a couple of meters later you see a canyon, hardly to see in the burning sun. Your heart pace is increasing and your palms are wet, because you realize without this sudden break, you would have been in big troubles.


„Falling down, taking a break is not a waste of time. It is necessary to stay alive. It might be uncomfortable and frustrating in the beginning but it helps to stay alert, present and deliberate.“

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