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Donating without spending money


Makes no sense right? But before I get into it I want to bring up another point. Why should we donate? We have our own problems, right? That is true, we all have to carry our own package. But does that mean we are unable to help? I don’t want to make someone feel guilty – everyone has to decide for himself what is right – and I´m also not an angel. I hate to get approached from people on the street – it just makes me feel uncomfortable. It would be easy to give money, but the reason I don’t do it is, that I don’t trust them. Why should I – I know they are getting payed for “selling” it. So what I think is: That all people are willing to give and help (many are already doing it of course) – but they don’t trust. When we are talking about “charity” everyone thinks about the huge organisations like Red Cross, WWF and so on, but what is with our local problems? To make a change we should always start small –like Michael Jackson said in “Man in the mirror”. It also behaves like love – “You never can truly love someone else if you are not able to love yourself”. So, lets start with our community first – lets stay together. We have so many problems to tackle– my project with the Lebenshilfe Freising is just one out of many. I know that nobody likes to give money, because we don’t get anything back. BUT: We started to make the world a better place – WE DO HAVE an impact. Besides of money we could also spend time.

But what if you have the possibility to donate money without spending any?

It is just a change in your perspective and everyone is able to do it. We buy soooo much useless stuff. So next time you are about to buy a new fancy shirt HOLD ON! Take a rest, a deep breath and do a deliberate decision. „I don’t buy it and rather give this money to someone who needs it.“ You see what I mean? The only thing you have to do is a small sacrifice. Maybe, only maybe, you are getting even happier. Its just a thought. I know we all have “no” money, I´m also a student who lives form hand in mouth BUT someone has to start. MY SACRIFICE TODAY is not going out which would be around 20 Euros! First step is done; now its your turn- are you able to sacrifice?

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  1. Tambrey 23. Januar 2017 in 6:39

    Hahhaaha. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

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