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Challenges. Do we need them?

I was really thinking about this question a lot. Why suffer so much for a goal? I mean, you set yourself a challenge, for example as random as mine currently. But what do I hope to gain out of it. I spend my whole time with training, studying, working, training, studying, working…. To be honest where is the fun? Is all the sacrifice worth it? Even when I have a day “off”, I still get stressed out about missing a training session. So what?

In my opinion our mind has different voices, different point of views. Might be the lazy person, the super eager person, the anxious person, the doubting person, the I-just-give-a-shit person, the passionate person and so on. All those “persons” are building our personality. On our way some voices are getting more dominate then the others. Experiences are having a huge influence on those dominations. This means, that we can train our inner persons – to make them stronger.

What has that do to with challenges?

Challenges are full of new experiences and changes. In a challenge you weaken some voices in your mind to strengthen some others. You make them work harder then normal. This is development – growth. For example, I shut down the I-just-give-a-shit person and the fun person in order to train my determinately person and my eager person… BUT every mind needs balance. It is not healthy to keep your voices on mute, because those voices are a part of you. You can train or weaken them, but never ignore. And sometimes you weaken them for to long, so you forget about them – you start to ignore them. This is a moment, which can break you, which brings you down to earth and shows you that you went to far. Sometimes you don’t even recognise it – you have no clue what is going on. You start to feel miserable, endless demotivated and helpless. Well, if you are lucky you might have a person in your life, who puts you back on track – someone you can trust. Somebody you can show your weaknesses. We are all allowed to be weak sometime. We are humans and far away from being perfect.

So, a strong mind not only comes a long with those typical “motivational-video” phrases. It also has the abilities to take a step back, having a rest and just give a shit.

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  1. Debra 23. Januar 2017 in 5:50

    A good many valbaules you’ve given me.

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