Challenge the new!

Our lifetime we build up a face, an image we sell to the outer world. Sometimes it takes years to create this self-definition. We define us through hobbies, ideas, dreams, jobs and life-styles. It is what we think about ourselves but it is also how the world sees us. So much effort we put in by working, creating and following this path. It actually seems like that we continue on this path forever. I mean, it is great to pace down a way to find perfection. And as long our situation doesn’t change it would not matter – probably. But life is different. We are constantly confronted with changes, challenges and emotions, like love and restlessness. So, what happens then? Is it correct to stick to the path, which we have once decided for? I personally can’t imagine it is. Suddenly we need to rethink our priorities. Those new priorities are scary, because we are at the beginning of a new path.

 The hardest step is to trust the new situation.

Along your previous way, you were safe and not vulnerable. Suddenly you need to drop your guard to see what is ahead of you and the world is able to knock you out in a second. Boom! But the risk must be taken to walk this road, to actually achieve the new face. At the same time, we never start from zero – all our experience made us stronger and actually brought us to this new opportunity. Confidence is asked – real confidence.

 People are judging and it is also normal to be scared off showing suddenly a new face, especially when you are frightened about your new situation. It is human to consider another judgement – deep down we all do it to a certain degree. Nevertheless, as long we are not able to accept the change, we can’t return to the state of happiness we once have experienced before. It is deliberate and uncomfortable; maybe it takes longer as we think it does. But between all the suffering, uncertainness and restlessness we should not forget, what we feel is normal and we are not alone with it. The world is judging us with bad favour as long as we are judging ourselves with bad favour. So, what we see in ourselves, everyone will see in us. This takes time and patience – But we are getting there, we are all troopers.

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  1. Latisha 23. Januar 2017 in 6:02

    Reading posts like this make surfing such a plsaeure

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