Chindwin River Expedition

The Chindwin River Expedition is a  project between several insitutions. The cooperation takes place between the Yangon Technological University, Myanmar Maritime University, Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems (DWIR) and TU Delft. The last two years I have been intensively studying, researching and increasing my network to create a project that finally combines my passion for adventures with my scientific education. For this expedition I will:

  • Hike (solo) 500-600km along the Chindwin River
  • Take sedimentation and water quality samples
  •  Have several talks and presentations with local universities and stakeholders

The Ayeyarwady and Chindwin river can be considered as the back-bone of the country: being of vital importance for irrigation water, for drinking water, for fishing and with important ecological function. At the same time, it is extensively influenced by mine waste disposal, industry discharge, energy production, urban waste water, agriculture pollutants and the like. However, data on the water quality of the Chindwin are rather scarce and no sampling has ever been carried out on high spatial resolution.

Recent development in low-cost-sensors and a high connectivity with a 4G network in Myanmar allows to create an interactive expedition measuring several water quality and hydrological parameters along the river. The suggested expedition includes a hike from the Kwaya of the river to the Magway. Hiking the whole length allows to connect with the tribes and communities along the river but also gives the opportunity to take measurements at the most remote places and tributaries.


Adventures, challenges, projects as well as traveling the world make me feel free, alive and excited. It keeps me on track and helps me to understand myself.

Next to adventures I love science and engineering. Being able to understand our environment is essenatial, especially considering the consequences of climate change, increasing population and industrialization.

My mission is to combine both disziplines, adventure and science, to be a part of progress, exploration and innovation.

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